The Leasehold Information Form, or TA7 as it’s often referred to is an important document for all leasehold properties. You must fill out a TA7 form if you’re selling a leasehold property as it provides important information on the property for a conveyancer and the future owner of your house.

How do I Fill in a Leasehold Information Form?

The TA7 form contains a variety of questions that you must fill out honestly. It’s important you answer these truthfully so that a potential buyer has all the relevant information necessary to decide whether to buy or not. If you’re simply unable to answer a question for whatever reason, you can ask your conveyancer or, in some circumstances, leave it blank.

Many of the answers you’ll be able to provide yourself, whereas some may be found in documents like the management information pack so make sure to check this before speaking to your conveyancer. In total, the TA7 has ten sections with each focusing on a different areas of the leasehold.

What Does The Leasehold Information Form Ask?

Let’s look at what information the TA7 form asks for.

  • Property details: this section will ask basic questions about the property itself, like if it’s a house or a flat. It will mainly be multiple choice and tick boxes, but this section includes a question about the property’s annual rent cost so be sure to have accurate figures.
  • The Management Information Pack: this part of the form is to ensure you have all of the documents required to sell a leasehold property.
  • Building management: here you’ll answer questions on the management of your property, including things like if the landlord employs a managing agent, for example.
  • Contact details: for this section you’re asked to provide the contact details of the landlord and managing agents (if you have any).
  • Maintenance and service charges: this part of the form is all about the maintenance, insurance and any charges payable on the leasehold property.
  • Notices: for this section you’re asked to state if you’ve received any notices regarding the property.