The NHBC, or National House Building Council, is an independent organisation that provides warranty and insurance for newly built or newly converted properties in the UK. Established in 1936, the NHBC is a non-profit organisation and the leading provider of warranty and insurance for new homes in the country.

The NHBC’s primary role is to protect homeowners by setting standards and providing a comprehensive warranty and insurance for new properties. This coverage ensures that homeowners have peace of mind regarding the quality and construction of their new home.

NHBC Warranty and Insurance

When a property developer or builder registers a new development with the NHBC, each individual property within that development is automatically covered by the NHBC warranty. This warranty typically lasts for ten years and is transferable to subsequent owners during that period.

The NHBC warranty provides coverage for various aspects of the property, including structural defects, damage caused by faulty workmanship or materials, and water and weatherproofing issues. This coverage offers protection to homeowners against unexpected repair costs arising from such issues.

Additionally, the NHBC also provides a two-year builder warranty, which covers any defects arising from the builder’s workmanship or materials during the first two years of occupation.

Importance of NHBC Certification

The NHBC certification holds significant importance for both developers and homebuyers. For developers, NHBC certification signifies compliance with the NHBC’s strict technical standards and code of conduct. Builders who register their properties with the NHBC demonstrate their commitment to quality construction and adherence to industry best practices.

For homebuyers, NHBC certification provides assurance of the property’s quality and compliance with the NHBC’s standards. It serves as an indicator that the property has undergone thorough inspections during its construction and is covered by the NHBC warranty.

The NHBC’s involvement in the construction process includes regular inspections at key stages to ensure compliance with building regulations and industry standards. These inspections provide an additional layer of quality control and help identify any potential issues early on.

Benefits of Buying an NHBC Registered Home

Here are some of the benefits of choosing a home built by an NHBC registered builder, and the added value it will bring to your new home:

  • Exceptional build quality: NHBC registered builders adhere to stringent technical standards set by the NHBC. This commitment to quality ensures that you new home is constructed to the highest industry standards. From structural integrity to energy efficiency and safety measures – an NHBC built home provides assurance that it meets rigorous guidelines.
  • NHBC buildmark warranty: one of the standout benefits of an NHBC built home is the comprehensive NHBC Buildmark warranty. This industry-leading warranty provides coverage against major structural defects for ten years from the date of completion. Should any issues arise during this period, the NHBC steps in to rectify the problem, giving you peace of mind and financial protection.
  • Enhanced property value: An NHBC warranty adds significant value to your home. When it comes time to sell, potential buyers are often more inclined to choose an NHBC built property due to the warranty’s reputation for quality and reliability. The added assurance of an NHBC warranty can help differentiate your home in the market, potentially commanding a higher resale value and attracting more interested buyers.
  • Professional resolution services: in the rare event of a dispute or issue, the NHBC provides independent mediation and resolution services. If problems arise during the warranty period, the NHBC acts as an impartial intermediary, working towards a fair and amicable solution. This service ensures that any concerns are addressed promptly, allowing for smoother communication and resolution between homeowners and builders.
  • Financial lender acceptance: most mortgage lenders highly regard NHBC built homes. Lenders often prefer financing properties with NHBC warranties due to the recognised quality standards associated with them. Having an NHBC built home can streamline the mortgage approval process and provide access to a wider range of financing options. The acceptance of NHBC warranties by lenders can simplify and expedite the home buying journey, benefiting both buyers and sellers.
  • Customer support and guidance: choosing an NHBC registered builder means you benefit from their extensive experience and expertise. NHBC builders are committed to providing excellent customer service throughout the buying process and beyond. From guiding you through the construction stages to offering support after you’ve moved in, NHBC registered builders strive to ensure a smooth and satisfying homeownership experience.

Summary of The NHBC

The NHBC plays a crucial role in the construction and purchase of newly built properties in the UK. As a conveyancing firm, we understand the importance of NHBC certification and the peace of mind it provides to homebuyers. The NHBC’s warranty and insurance coverage protect homeowners against unexpected repair costs arising from structural defects, faulty workmanship, and other issues.

When buying a newly built property, it’s important to work with experienced conveyancers who understand the significance of NHBC certification. Our team is well-versed in the intricacies of new build conveyancing and can guide you through the process, ensuring that your interests are protected and your new home meets the highest standards of quality.