Our ‘No Move, No Fee’ Service provides you with peace of mind, knowing that you won’t have to pay any legal fees if your property transaction falls through. We believe in aligning our interests with yours, ensuring that we work diligently to get your transaction completed successfully.

How does ‘No Move No Fee’ benefit you?

At PM Property Lawyers, we understand the potential financial burden that can arise from unexpected legal fees during the conveyancing process. Without our No Move, No Legal Fee policy, you may be liable for all or a portion of the incurred legal expenses once the conveyancing work commences. These fees can accumulate rapidly and become quite costly, especially if you find yourself having to repeat the entire conveyancing process due to a failed sale or purchase.

What costs does ‘No Move No Fee’ cover?

Our ‘No Move No Fee’ service applies to the legal work work we carry out up to the point the transaction falls through. Legal work includes time spent reviewing and actioning your case, writing correspondence, and organising the necessary actions to reach exchange and completion.

You will be liable to pay for any additional fees, including Third Party disbursements, such as local searches and home and building surveys.